’68 GMC Pickup

1968 GMC 2500 305EV6 4×4.

100% frame-off restoration.  This was my late brother’s truck, lost then found and restored. Converted from a manual non-power steering/brake to a 700R4 auto with power steering and power disc brakes. Ready to plow snow once again. well almost. I added the Smooth Paving Signs back on the truck. They are the exact same design as before. I did change the phone number to 1-800- Superman because back in the day brother John was known for his ability to play basketball, sing and play the piano. Not to mention quite the ladies man. So hence his nickname Superman. Heres to you John. Rest in peace. My work here is done. 

  • Restoration History; Here is the result of a somewhat spooky find. The truck you see on this page came from California to Minnesota in 1987-1988. My late brother John bought the truck. The truck was used on his paving crew and used as a commercial plow truck in the winter. The truck was Rock solid and had a dealer installed Winch & AC. John had the truck repainted and restored the truck in a bout 1990 to its EXACT factory specifications. I mean down to the NOS GM Glove box, interior stickers, and exterior emblems. Painstaking attention was given to every detail and no expense was spared. The truck was stolen in 1991, recovered and sold to an individual out of state in 1992. Best I knew the truck was gone to cheese head land forever. My brother passed away in the fall of 1998. On September 23rd, 2003 I was feeling a little down and missing my brother. I found the VIN in some of my brother’s old stuff. Thinking that the truck was most likely in Wisconsin and unable for me to trace, I was able to track the truck back to MN registered to and individual about an hour south of where my brother and I grew up and I still live. I called the gentleman on the phone and he said he still had the truck.  Oddly enough he said it happens to be stored here in my home town. Evidently he was traveling through town and the brakes on the truck went out in the fall of 1998 so he stored it here until he could figure out how to get it home.   I immediately went up town to look for the truck and this is what I found at a local mini-storage. I stated he had just won the lottery because I would pay ANY price to get the truck back. He treated me more than right and I was able to buy the truck for $1,800.00   The funny thing is that when I dropped the frame off at the sand blaster during the restoration I remembered that it was in this truck that I used to snow plow the driveway of the guy’s dad that owns the sand blasting shop… It was kind of creepy but at the same time reminded me of the deep heritage this truck has. I remember it like it was yesterday and it was when I was 16 yrs old, now 39 and holding. 
  • I recall a snow storm in 1990. I was in college at the time and would come home on the weekends to plow snow if needed for my brother. One weekend I came home with a newly pierced lightening bolt ear ring in my ear. Now this did not sit well with John. He sent me out to hook up the plow in the dark during a snow storm. I was wearing a jacket with a wool turtleneck sweater. As I was laying on the ground in the snow and cold under the truck putting in the plow to frame pins in, my lightening bolt ear ring got caught on my nice warm wool turtle neck sweater and ripped my ear ring through the bottom of my ear. OUCH!!! blood everywhere and man that hurt like a SOB… His reaction was. “Hurry up and get the pins in, we have snow to plow.” When my brother passed away I acquired all his shop and hand tools. I have built many cars with them since. Mostly Mopar just to spite him. Building this truck with the tools my brother and I used to pass to and throw at each other since I was 6 yrs old added a special touch to the truck.


  • GMC Specs:

Late model 700r4 auto transmission built specifically for this truck’s high-low end Torque V6. All shifting points are very accurate and work properly. 70Mph @ 2,000 RMP. Power disc brake conversion, 4×4 205T-case w Lockouts Power Steering- All steering, brakes bearings etc have been replaced or redone. Dana 60 Full floater- Rebuilt. New Paint, show chrome bumper/Grille, emblems, Wood Bed. – Big receiver hitch, Trailer tow wired separately with fuses. This truck gets used to pull and haul each and every weekend when there is no snow on the ground. Used as primary puller until 2017.