’69 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX, A true Track Pack car (A33) – Dana 60 is present and the numbers matching 4 spd is present as well. Interior floors are solid but will need trunk floors and 1/4s. the Right side floor support (see pic is rotten). Frame rails look solid. Other rust is typical areas around vinyl top and under battery tray. The car does have power steering and a center console. B5 Blue and B7 Blue guts.

Progress Timeline-

June 24th, 2020- Car is back from media and sand blasting. 

An interesting discovery was made. Owner upgrade trailer-tow package?  It appears the rear upper shock absorber bracket, directly above the rear end, has been replaced and upgraded with a very stout 3/8″ piece of channel angle iron. Moreover, note the 3/8″ flat strap that wraps around the frame rail. The car also had an extremely heavy duty trailer hitch that included vertical 10″ bolts that went through the frame rails up through the trunk floor and into the trunk.  One can safely deduce that a previous owner used his “Gentlemen’s Muscle Car” for a bit of family vacationing pulling a big camper? Or, maybe used to pull his  Mopar drag car to the track on a trailer? After all the car did have a factory truck rear end, Dana 60 with 3:54 gears, a big block 440 and a 4 speed. Stopping was a different concern as the car did not have power brakes and had all drum brakes


June 10, 2020-Reengaged on the project stripping parts off of the car and prepping for blasting. 


April 2020

Stainless and long lead pot metal items needing refinishing has been sent out. 

2016 the motor rebuild is complete. ’69 HP Motor rebuilt and was on dyno in the fall of 2016. 374HP- stock rebuild on a virgin block. NOM to car- came out of Coronet R/T.
WS23L9G148774 Would like to find the car. Motor rebuilt and dynoed. Or maybe the owner of the car wants the motor? 

The end goal