’69 Plymouth GTX


Started this project car Sept. 2016- A true Track Pack car (A33) – Dana 60 is present and the numbers matching 4 spd is present as well. Interior floors are solid but will need trunk floors and 1/4s. the Right side floor support (see pic is rotten). Frame rails look solid. Other rust is typical areas around vinyl top and under battery tray. The car does have power steering and a center console. Blue guts. This is how they look when I find them, rough and ugly!

Progress- motor and trans are complete. ’69 HP Motor rebuilt and was on dyno in the fall of 2016. 374HP- stock rebuild on a virgin block. NOM to car- came out of Coronet R/T.
WS23L9G148774 Would like to find the car. Motor rebuilt and dynoed. Or maybe the owner of the car wants the motor?

If you have not had a chance jump over to my blog and read the article on “Managing Your Automotive Restoration“. I provide tips and the best practices for planning a restoration. Below is another example of how I break out the numbers on the anticipated costs of a build. Here is my first draft at the ’69 GTX restoration project plan.

69 GTX Restoration Costs  
440-Date Code Correct- 4 spd, Dana 60,
B5 Blue, B7 Blue Interior, Black lower, Kelsey Hayes Wheels
Carpet $160.00
Sil Plates $100.00
Front Seats $371.00
Rear Seats $257.00
Front Door Panels $311.00
Rear Panels $180.00
Headliner $78.00
Dash Pad $224.00
Defrost Vents  
Steering Wheel (Woodgrain- Sport) $500.00
Vinyl Top $164.00
rear 1/4s (Not Full) $738.00
trunk pan $334.00
Trunk Extensions  
Weather StripDoors $70.00
Weather Strip trunk $30.00
Wheel Well Opening Moldings $344.00
Side Moldings $500.00
Front bumper $409.00
Rear Bumper $409.00
T cap repair for Rt front crossmember pass floor $119.00
Windshield $200.00
Motor Rebuild & Machine-Complete  
Carb- $320.00
Dist. Plug wires and ignition $397.00
Labor -Jim- motor rebuild $2,610.00
Machine Shop $2,906.00
Clutch Dr. $135.00
Exhaust Manifolds Year One $630.00
Push Rods $48.98
Dyno Gary $300.00
Dana 60 Rear end -rebuild/Lash $800
Radiator- $360.00
Trans rebuild parts $400.00
Disc conversion rebuild B&E $500.00
Master & Booster $250.00
Brakes Rear $200.00
Exhaust Shop $683.00
Wheels & Tires  
Kelsey Hayes Recall Wheels $1,400.00
Tires $450.00
Air Grabber Venting $1,500.00
Battery $109.00
Gas Tank $200.00
Sending Unit $80.00
Sandblasting- Media Blasting $900.00
Body & Paint $13,500.00
Upholstery Labor & Vinyl Top Install $700.00
Dash & Gauges Rebuild $1,000.00
Total $35,876.98