’71 Charger R/T

“Big Al”   -real 440-6 pack, 13,000 original miles. 2 Broadcast sheets, 2 fender tags, (see below) ,power windows front and rear, aftermarket power antenna, headlamp washers, gator top.  Air Grabber car


 . Original radio and the tape deck with microphone is gone. car has one repaint. Original tire marking on the underside of the deck lid. Have original window sticker which says “Y17 Corporate Lease car System” ( see below) Originally the car came from California owned by a guy called “Big Al”( he had personalized plates on it and was a Chrysler Rep?) Then the car went to TN to his relative in the 80’s then to MN. Car should have 14′ Rally’s on it and I think white int. waiting for Galen to decode the thing and solve the mystery. After driving this car I now understand why the sixpack cars are in a price bracket of their own, WOW this is one scary ride. There are R/T emblems in the trunk and I believe the SE emblem on the vinyl top is incorrect. The car runs and drives great. rust bubbling under vinyl top moulding. Vinyl top appears to be stained under back window, may be able to be bleached. 
Non numbers matching ’71 Motor, date correct for the car.
motor is 70 cast with a 71 VIN with 71 Heads. 1G103125The air grabber venting was added from another car recently. It is not original to this car. 

Galen’s decode of the build sheet and fender tag are available upon request they are adobe files. SOLD

WS23V1A136929 Vin 03113 141072 413 042 
G11 P31 
2G L37
V1W U C16
GB2 D6 XW TX9 B30 081604
E87 D32 Ws23 V 1A 136929