AAR Cuda

1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR, 340 6 Barrel, 4 spd. 

EV2 (Orange) Plymouth called Tor Red

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The AAR Cuda was Plymouth’s factory built race car for the All American Racing team (AAR) to participate in the Trans AM racing series put on by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). The single-production-year AAR Cuda was special for that purpose, and 2,724 were built, all during a five week period between March and April 1970.

I acquired the car in 2004.  Here is my restoration story.  While the pictures tell the best story, every system, bolt  and nut has been restored during an extensive, as close to concours as I could get, with a few exceptions, restoration.  Restoration was started in 2012, and completed in 2016. The color is TOR Red EV2- Both fender tags, no build sheet. Yes #s matching 4 spd Trans, Non-born with 340 Six Barrel TA Motor (1970 only), 3:55 gears. 1 of 1,120 4 spds. Low optioned car built as a sales bank car. If you are new to the AAR/TA scene please research the rarity of the 340 “TA” engines these cars came with. This car has one. 

Examples of things done on this concours restoration;

  • Polyglass Tires
  • Retained dual point distributor
  • Retained non-power steering system
  • The correct Master Cylinder (casting number 2229171)
  • All correct restored 6 barrel carbs with proper finish and ink stamping
  • Stant gas cap
  • Gates vacuum hoses.
  • Original hemi rear leaf springs were rebuilt to ensure the exact part numbers were used on the correct sides of the car
  • Chrysler labeled glass
  • Correct white dot space saver spare
  • Correct T Style bumper jack and handle
  • Correct radiator (2998974)
  • Stud and nut combo used where required vs. a fender bolt
  • Undercoating applied only where undercoating was applied at the factory
  • The reverse/key lock parking safety mechanism works perfectly as it should.

Fender Tag Info. ENI N94 R11 V6H Y05 26 J45 J82 L31 M21 M88 N44 EV2 A01 A53 B51 C55 G36 EV2 H6X9 000 409 M03903 E55 D21 B23 JOB *****
It is a chrome bumper standard dash, non console car. A couple of options to note are the dual mirrors and the light group. The light group particularly, includes the fender mounted top turn signal indicators. Car was restored to as close to factory original as possible.  The underside received a full finish vs. the dusting effect. It is extremely detailed. About the only thing left to do is the factory paint blotting and markings.  EXACT TA exhaust system. All stainless professionally show polished, restored and refinished steering wheel.   The correct screws and clips were used throughout the build. Green bearings were used in the rear end outter wheel bearings as an example of utilizing upgraded technology that is unseen. 

Driveline- engine, transmission, drive shafts and rear end all restored
Electrical- all new wiring throughout including extensive dash restoration
Braking-all new parts and components, original KH calipers restored
Steering/Suspension- All new components and restored factory original parts.

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More Timeline:
2017 continue showing car winning multiple awards- 2017 Concours De’Elegance show attendee. (invitation only)

Summer of 2016: First time out. This car has taken multiple 1st place trophies at car shows. Best Mopar Specialty Car (beating out all wing cars and other specialty built Mopars) at the Midwest Mopars National Show in Minnesota. Also 1st place at 30th Annual Muscle Car Classic- a very difficult judged car show where Mopar guys judge Mopars and Pontiac guys judge Pontiacs- The Cuda scored 94.5 making it near a #1 car which in most cases #1 cars are trailered. The Cuda was driven 55 miles to this show and got some bugs and dirt on the under carriage turning into the show.

May 2016- Car is 100% complete and participates in 2016 show season
April 2016: Car runs and drives and attends its first car show
March 2016: Car is 90% complete
*Underside of car is complete and drive train installed.
*wiring complete and expect to fire up engine within the next week.
Items left- all glass and door hardware, seat upholstery and interior panels
grille assy and installation, bumpers etc.

Fall 2015 -Complete TA motor — Rebuilt and Dyno tested 341HP and 376FTILBs of torque. very respectful for a stock .30 over rebuilt.

July 2013. Started the resto last Nov. 2012. The Cuda now stands on on its own and rolls.
* Trans rebuilt- w all correct pistol grip stuff numbers matching
* front suspension installed – bolts and nuts glass blasted- used correct ’70 only castle nuts etc.)
* all new brake parts and the original KH brake calipers installed  (rebuilt)
* Rear Spoiler and fonts are painted and ready to install
* have new front and rear glass and bumpers
* over 600 hours of body labor alone since Nov 2012.