The site launched in 2001 to sell General Lee Decal kits and front Push Bars for the General Lee, hence the jakesGENERALstore name. From there four General Lee Replicas were built and even a Roscoe P. Coltrain squad car, including the restoration of my first car into a General Lee. I dove in to the Mopar muscle car hobby building buying and selling parts and cars. The hobby turned into hunting barn finds, field finds as told on the subsequent pages of this website. The shop produced over 13 restorations of varying degrees. The last car restored was the AAR Cuda.

In 2007 I added a line of man gave cool-car-guy garage metal automotive memorabilia signs and shop stools. A fun venture that ended with a manufacturer selling out of the business. Still have General Lee Decal kits and ’79 Ford Indy Pace Truck Decal Kits for sale.

In 2012 I sold off most of the cars in order to relocate to the lake place and downsize. Mission accomplished.

2017 I still play with a handful of Mopars, and smaller cars, Model T’s and a ’48 1/2 Crosley Wagon. Storage space is a challenge at the new place. The phone keeps ringing from all of the seeds planted over the years with people finally deciding to sell of their project cars. Keep checking back here from time to time to see the latest updates. Thanks for visiting. If you have any questions on the cars please feel free to use the contact form to email me or give me a call at 612-518-7425. -Jake

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