It is always exciting to find a rare car, especially a rare pedigree 6 pack Mopar.  It does get a bit embarrassing when the car has been sitting 4 miles from your house for over 22 years and you did not know about it.  In the spring of 2022, while the snow was still on the ground, this 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340-6 Auto trans ,was liberated from hibernation and is now with the 3rd owner.

Here in Minnesota back in the ‘60s & ‘70s the big deal muscle car dealership was White Bear Dodge. Turns out this T/A Challenger was sold new there.  Purchased by the second owner in 1978 the car was only driven about 1,000 miles. The odo shows 61k actual. All of the numbers match on the drive train and it appears to have had a modest resto in the mid 90’s, then parked. This one will be a delicate one to bring back to life and surely need some light mechanical love. I personally discovered the first build sheet atop the glove box and very gingerly extracted it. It all checks out, a real deal T/A Challenger. Stay tuned for updates.