Enclosed and open trailers- A lot of us have enclosed and or open car trailers. These trailers are not cheap. Please make sure they are listed on your homeowners’ policy. If they are not listed on your homeowner’s policy most policies will not cover them if they are stolen, or damaged by a covered peril. Simply call your agent and ensure the trailer is covered. Of course, most auto policies will cover the trailer when it is hooked up to your tow vehicle, which would include when it is going down the road. When unhooked and stored, please make sure you have coverage through your homeowner’s policy. Just give your agent the VIN.

Also, do your part to protect your trailer from theft. Thieves are more brazen today than ever before. Always use a tongue lock AND a wheel cable lock. These are mere deterrents and thieves can and will cut through both. I take an extra third precaution and park a blocker vehicle in front of the trailer, or a snow plow etc. In the winter I plow a pile of snow in front of it.  Snow is a great theft deterrent.  Yes finally all of that snow we have here in ‘Minnesnowta’ has a good use. In addition, I am a YUGE fan of tracking devices. They are very inexpensive. – Jake