Pet Peeve: TOWING Coverage- I am not a fan of insurance companies offering towing coverage through an insurance policy. Insurance policies are for liability, Comprehensive, and Collision coverage in the event of a covered peril loss.  Your collector car is on the road one tenth of the time that your daily driver is, yet you are buying towing insurance coverage? First off, the chances of a break-down in your hot rod are slim and none, given that you rarely drive the car. If a breakdown should occur, call a buddy, a pal, your wife, or here is a thought, call a damn tow truck yourself!  The towing coverages offered are for hook up and have very limited towing miles included. Most of the time you WILL pay something for the towing. Negotiate with the tow truck driver yourself since you are paying the bill directly.  The chance ratio is very low here. Stop buying towing coverage through your insurance policies. As your insurance agent, I will do my darnedest to talk you out of it. -Jake