1990 Plymouth Acclaim

1990 Plymouth Acclaim

Why? That is the first question I get from most people asking me why would I restore a 1990 Plymouth plain wrapper Acclaim. Two reasons; turns out this car is somewhat of a pseudo unicorn, and second is for the cheap thrill of horsepower pulling Gs. Turns out this Acclaim was built with a factory 5 speed trans along with a 2.5L Turbo. The icing on the cake is a factory sunroof. These options estimate that this is 1 of 112 cars built. The car came from the southwestern US prior to coming to MN. I can say that restoring this car and not fixing any rust was a real treat. Example- the banjo exhaust bolts actually came off without breaking, in fact the same original bolts were reused when bolting on the new exhaust system.

Turbo Dodge; The Turbo Dodge following is strong. What draws me to this facet of the car hobby is the challenge of achieving horsepower as frugally as possible. The resulting Gs via turbo boost is real. By using only Mother Mopar used parts from different models is the trick and widely shared.  A perfect example is what was done here with this Acclaim. While the factory produced this car with a turbo producing 7-8 PSI of boost, post Mother Mopar mods the car now produces 15-16PSI of neck snapping boost. Sheer thrill while still getting over 30MPS when used as a daily driver.

Turbo gurus know that replacing the one piece intake with a Mopar two piece intake,  using an intercooler from a '90 VNT Daytona, (that directly bolts in to this Acclaim with no cutting needed), swapping the air box from another model you are half way there. Next is bolting on a Mopar-used bigger turbo with a 2.5" swapped swing valve, a ported head, bigger Mopar injectors, improved oil lines, and finally special injector wiring etc. the thrill starts to become real. As mentioned above this car also received new 2.5" exhaust with no Cat. The goal is no warming up the credit car at Jeggs or Summit. Ick!

The interior on this Acclaim, because it was from the southwest US, was baked. Here in the midwest a trip to U-Pull-Our Parts will yield you a nice used ES trim level interior that needs just a good cleaning, carpet and all, for $80 bucks. The headliner on this one was a challenge and gluing in new fabric was required. Still needed a new cardboard headliner because the original was so dry from the heat of the SW it simply crumbled when touched.
Below are pics of the car in before condition, being stripped to bare metal for a re-spray and a money shot of the  head, intake and Turbo.

1986 Camaro Z28 T Tops 5 Speed

For Sale  $14,900.00
1986 Camaro Z28 5 Speed T Tops with new GM Performance Crate Motor-Chevrolet Performance 5.7 350 HO Deluxe 330HP with Holley 4 brrl Dominator Carb-
Motor has a 50,000 mile 2 year transferable warranty. Motor has about 2,000 miles on it.

New paint fall of 2017, factory colors, New stripe kit. Ground effects removed at time of repaint. 100% mechanically ready to rock. Cruise works. Went through the brakes, NEW Calipers, brake lines. New Interstate Battery, NEW aluminum dual electric fan radiator, NEW exhaust, headers with no Cat with a badd ass sound ya gotta hear.

I bought it as it was a low ownership car that was unmolested. Car has 86,000 actual miles The small gas station porn mags and the Ozzy tape are still in the car from the 80's- The original 305 was bad so the new GM Crate is by far the best bang for the buck, so that is what I went with for a transplant.

Car has all correct center caps and I have replaced the hood shocks and the rear hatchback shocks. Even the auto close feature works as it should on the rear hatch. T- Tops bag is in the car and properly secured down. There is an excellent set of T Top factory shade inserts for the T tops. Tires are in great condition. Original AM/Fm cassette, does not work the best. Window Sticker included.

Motor Specs;
350 HO Deluxe
Forget rebuilding! the GM Performance 350 H.O. is assembled with all-new parts and high-flow heads, giving you more power than just about any production-spec Small-Block ever installed at the factory: 333 hp and a satisfying 381 lb.-ft. of torque. It's affordable power with dependability you can count on.

A cast-iron block with four-bolt main caps is the foundation for the 350 HO, which is topped with iron Vortec heads fitted with 1.94/1.50-inch valves. Its durable rotating assembly has aluminum pistons delivering a 9.0:1 compression ratio, while a hydraulic flat-tappet camshaft requires no periodic lash adjustments.

Gm Crate Engine TECH SPECS
Part Number: 19210008
Engine Type: Chevy Small-Block V-8
Displacement (cu in): 350
Bore x Stroke (in): 4.000 x 3.480
Block (P/N 10105123): Cast-iron with 4-bolt main caps
Crankshaft (P/N 10243070): Nodular iron
Connecting Rods (P/N 10108688): Powdered metal steel
Pistons (P/N 12514101): Cast-aluminum
Camshaft Type (P/N 24502476): Hydraulic flat tappet
Camshaft Lift (in): .435 intake / .460 exhaust
Cylinder Heads (P/N 12558060): Vortec iron; 64cc chambers
Valve Size (in): 1.940 intake / 1.500 exhaust
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 nominal
Rocker Arms (P/N 10089648): Stamped steel
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5:1
Water Pump (P/N 19201601): Cast iron, long-style
Flexplate (P/N 14088765): 12.750"
Recommended Fuel: Premium pump
Ignition Timing: 32° Total @ 4,000 rpm
Maximum Recommended rpm: 5,100
Balanced: External
Intake Manifold (P/N 12496820): Dual Plane.
The torque of the GM Hi -Perf Crate engine and the high rear end gear make it a great all around car. Great Highway RPMs and the hi-perf engine make for a stout off the line thrust. Call with questions please. 612-518-7425

1914 Model T Speedster

1914 Ford Yella Model T Speedster.

In the fall of 2016 I rescued this Speedster from a farm 6 miles from me in an open woodshed. It had not run since 1975. I am the third owner. I spent that winter researching and semi restoring my first T. This has been a learned experience and I most definitely understand the “T” affliction

Titled as a 1914 this Model T Speedster has a low MN Pioneer license plate, 802,. The low number indicates an early ‘50s build. There is a show plate under the seat from 1955 for an AACA event in St. Peter, MN. The rear end is ’15, drive shaft ’13-’14, Hogs head ’14, Steering sector ’13-’14, frame ’19-’21. The motor has been validated to be a ’13-’14. No readable serial number. This determination was based on Model T Club membership physically viewing the engine. Fortunately I was able to verify the build with a few local car guys here in Minnesota and understand that a NOS motor was used for this build that was on a shelf in a wooden crate in Boege's garage in Pine City, MN. I have been told this was early Hot Rodding. So many parts and pieces of the car were still on the car with the exception of the coveted tool box. Things like, the hand air pump, extra speedometer, the Carbonate burner and step board gate were still on the car. The brass horn, the radiator and headlights were also still attached to the car. This past spring I went back to the farm, to search for parts and introduce myself to the new property owners. They had found a rear end that was on the car at one point in time, red in color. While loading the rear end I was walking buy a small hog shed surrounded by brush and upon peering in I noticed a yellow rusty toolbox sitting in the dirt. Needless to say I was able to acquire it along with some old tools inside and extra transmission bands. Very thankful for their willingness to help out a car guy



The car runs and drives down the road. The 6volt battery system I installed helps at crank starting. Surprisingly the mag works great and runs noticeably better in mag mode. The rear end should be rebuilt/inspected for the washer issue and the brakes should be overhauled. I have put 70 miles on the car at times reaching 34MPH. I took a club tour for 50 miles this past spring with little to no issues. The Speedster turns a lot of heads, especially with the monocle windshield. The last pic in the series is taken in 1968, note it is on the trailer I also now have. This pic is taken by the second owner who paid $500 for the car.


1969 Plymouth GTX

Started this project car Sept. 2016- A true Track Pack car- Dana 60 and the numbers matching 4 spd are present. Interior floors are solid but will need trunk floors and 1/4s. the Right side floor support (see pic is rotten). Frame rails look solid. Other rust is typical areas around vinyl top and under battery tray. The car does have power steering and a center console. Blue guts.

Progress- motor and trans are complete. '69 HP Motor rebuilt and was on dyno in the fall of 2016. 374HP- stock rebuild on a virgin block. NOM to car- came out of Coronet R/T.
WS23L9G148774 Would like to find the car. Motor rebuilt and dynoed. Or maybe the owner of the car wants the motor?

1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda

EV2 (Orange) Plymouth called Tor Red

The AAR Cuda was Plymouth's factory built race car for the All American Racing team (AAR) to participate in the Trans AM racing series put on by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). The single-production-year AAR Cuda was special for that purpose, and 2,724 were built, all during a five week period between March and April 1970.

I have had this AAR 12 years. Every nut and bolt has been turned during an extensive OEM over the top restoration. Restoration was completed in 2016. The color is Hemi Orange/TOR Red EV2- both fender tags, no build sheet. Yes #s matching 4 spd Trans, Non-born with 340 Six Barrel TA Motor (1970 only), 3:55 gears. 1 of 1,120 4 spds. Low optioned car built as a sales bank car. If you are new to the AAR/TA scene please research the rarity of the TA motors these cars came with. This car has one.

This is not a dealer flip auction car. This AAR is my AAR and was restored by me. Should you have additional questions on this car please feel free to use the contact form to email me or give me a call at 612-518-7425

Fender Tag Info. ENI N94 R11 V6H Y05 26 J45 J82 L31 M21 M88 N44 EV2 A01 A53 B51 C55 G36 EV2 H6X9 000 409 M03903 E55 D21 B23 JOB *****
It is a Chrome bumper standard dash, non console car. A couple of options to note are the dual mirrors and the light group. The light group particularily includes the fender mounted top turn signal indicators. Car was restored to as close to factory original as possible. The underside received a full finish vs. the dusting effect. It is extremely detailed. About the only thing left to do is the factory paint blotting and markings. The correct Master Cylinder (casting number 2229171), EXACT TA exhaust system, stud and nut combo used where required vs. a fender bolt, Stant gas cap, Gates vacuum hoses. correct white dot space saver spare, correct radiator (2998974). All correct restored 6 barrel carbs with proper finish and ink stamping. Even the original hemi rear leaf springs were rebuilt to ensure the exact part numbers were used. All stainless professionally show polished, restored and refinished steering wheel. AAR Cuda hood, Goodyear Polyglass tires. Chrysler labeled glass. The correct screws and clips were used throughout the build. While you were on your couch watching football or sitting in a bar playing bar bingo and banging bar sluts I was sorting nuts and bolts and sandblasting parts in the shop. The reverse/key lock mechanism works perfectly as it should. These are just some examples of the level of build performed.

Summer of 2016: First time out. This car has taken multiple 1st place trophies at car shows. Best Mopar Specialty Car (beating out all wing cars and other specialty built Mopars) at the Midwest Mopars National Show in Farmington, MN. Also 1st place at 30th Annual Muscle Car Classic- a very difficult judged car show where Mopar guys judge Mopars and Pontiac guys judge Pontiacs- The Cuda scored 94.5 making it near a #1 car which in most cases #1 cars are trailered. The Cuda was driven 55 miles to this show and got some bugs and dirt on the under carriage turning into the show.

2017 continue showing car winning multiple awards- 2017 Concours De'Elegance show attendee.
May 2016- Car is 100% complete and participates in 2016 show season
April 2016: Car runs and drives and attends its first car show
March 2016: Car is 90% complete
*Underside of car is complete and drive train installed.
*wiring complete and expect to fire up engine within the next week.
Items left- all glass and door hardware, seat upholstery and interior panels
grille assy and installation, bumpers etc.

Fall 2015 -Complete TA motor -- Rebuilt and Dyno tested 341HP and 376FTILBs of torque. very respectful for a stock .30 over rebuilt.

Here is an update on my AAR project as of July 2013. Started the resto last Nov. 2012. The Cuda now stands on on its own and rolls.
* Trans rebuilt- w all correct pistol grip stuff numbers matching
* front suspension installed (powdercoated- bolts and nuts glass blasted- used correct '70 only castle nuts etc.)
* all new brake parts and KH brake calipers (rebuilt)
* Rear Spoiler and fonts are painted and ready to install
* Restored AAR grille
* have new front and rear glass and bumpers
* over 600 hours of body labor alone since Nov 2012.

If you have additional questions give me a call- 612-518-7425-Jake

Here is a link to a collector car value guide for AARs Click Here



1968 GMC 2500 Pickup

1968 GMC 2500 305EV6 4x4. 100% frame off restoration.  This was my late brother's Truck, Lost then found and restored. Converted from a manual non-power steering/brake to a 700R4 auto with power steering and power disc brakes. Ready to plow snow once again. well almost. I added the Smooth Paving Signs back on the truck. They are the exact same design as before. I did change the phone number to 1-800- Superman because back in the day brother John was known for his ability to play basketball, sing and play the piano. Not to mention quite the ladies man. So hence his nickname Superman. Heres to you John. Rest in peace. My work here is done. 

  • Restoration History; Here is the result of a somewhat spooky find. The truck you see on this page came from California to Minnesota in 1987-1988. My late brother John bought the truck. The truck was used on his paving crew and used as a commercial plow truck in the winter. The truck was Rock solid and had a dealer installed Winch & AC. John had the truck repainted and restored the truck in a bout 1990 to it's EXACT factory specifications. I mean down to the NOS GM Glove box, interior stickers, and exterior emblems. Painstaking attention was given to every detail and no expense was spared. The truck was stolen in 1991, recovered and sold to an individual out of state in 1992. Best I knew the truck was gone to cheese head land forever. My brother passed away in the fall of 1998. On September 23rd, 2003 I was feeling a little down and missing my brother. I found the VIN in some of my brother's old stuff. Thinking that the truck was most likely in Wisconsin and unable for me to trace, I was able to track the truck back to MN registered to and individual about an hour south of where my brother and I grew up and I still live. I called the gentleman on the phone and he said he still had the truck.  Oddly enough he said it happens to be stored here in my home town. Evidently he was traveling through town and the brakes on the truck went out in the fall of 1998 so he stored it here until he could figure out how to get it home.   I immediately went up town to look for the truck and this is what I found at a local mini-storage. I stated he had just won the lottery because I would pay ANY price to get the truck back. He treated me more than right and I was abloe to buy the truck for $1,800.00   The funny thing is that when I dropped the frame off at the sand blaster during the restoration I remembered that it was in this truck that I used to snow plow the driveway of the guy's dad that owns the sand blasting shop... It was kind of creepy but at the same time reminded me of the deep heritage this truck has. I remember it like it was yesterday and it was when I was 16 yrs old, now 39 and holding.  I recall a snow storm in 1990. I was in college at the time and would come home on the weekends to plow snow if needed for my brother. One weekend I came home with a newly pierced lightening bolt ear ring in my ear. Now this did not sit well with John. He sent me out to hook up the plow in the dark during a snow storm. I was wearing a jacket with a wool turtleneck sweater. As I was laying on the ground in the snow and cold under the truck putting in the plow to frame pins in, my lightening bolt ear ring got caught on my nice warm wool turtle neck sweater and ripped my ear ring through the bottom of my ear. OUCH!!! blood everywhere and man that hurt like a SOB... His reaction was. "Hurry up and get the pins in, we have snow to plow." When my brother passed away I acquired all his shop and hand tools. I have built many cars with them since. Mostly Mopar just to spite him. lol.. Building this truck with the tools my brother and I used to pass to and throw at each other since I was 6 yrs old added a special touch to the truck.


  • GMC Specs:

Late model 700r4 auto transmission built specifically for this truck's high-low end Torque V6. All shifting points are very accurate and work properly. 70Mph @ 2,000 RMP. Power disc brake conversion, 4x4 205T-case w Lockouts Power Steering- All steering, brakes bearings etc have been replaced or redone. Dana 60 Full floater- Rebuilt. New Paint, show chrome bumper/Grille, emblems, Wood Bed. - Big receiver hitch, Trailer tow wired separately with fuses. This truck gets used to pull and haul each and every weekend when there is no snow on the ground. Used as primary puller until 2017. 

1969 R/T Charger Y4 Gold Poly


This is real R/T. AC, console auto w 6 way seat, numbers Matching 440. Updated 08/01/2011- Paint work complete, assembly has started. Sept 10, 2011, drove car to first car show. Misc put-to-gether left, add the Black R/T Stripe, restore dash cluster etc. They are never ever done it seems.   Front disc conversion, Sandblasted and painted, including underside. See resto pics in image gallery. Note how this Y4 Gold Poly paint changes color from inside to outside.

Back in the day this Charger was mated to an Elcamino down in the Southwestern United States. Since the car was a numbers matching 440 and at least the engine bay was unmolested, all AC components present etc, I decided to undertake returning this car to as original as I could. I had a good donor car with a top and trunk area. The car was put back together with a seam right along the top of the quarter body line. The restored car still had solid lower quarters. Aftermarket trunk floor and tail light panel was installed. I found a race car builder in my area who was a retired bodyman who had collision books from Chrysler which had the exact body measurements. The car was built on his race car jig and returned to the exact factory measurements. When complete the doors and windows all shut and closed perfectly.

1967 Pontiac GTO


Color:  Mariner Turquoise Metallic


This was a very fun find. 1967 Pontiac GTO. Mariner Turquoise Metallic , with Aqua int. Buckets console with his& Hers shifter, 400 YZ block 360 Horse numbers matching to PHS documentation, Factory Air that blows cold. Full PHS Documentation. , 4brrl, 3:23? Posi, Car runs and drives very straight and very strong. This car is a great Saturday night driver.  Here we have a great sixties American muscle car, '67 GTO Grrrrrr!!! 

 High Driver condition. 400 360 Horse YZ block, rebuilt Transmission( 3500 Stall) with his and hers shifter. and best of all it's got factory air conditioning that blows cold. recent re-charge.  New Base clear Paint, trunk has been re-placed and new trunk mat installed. Trunk floor was very solid prior. New door and window seals and most emblems replace with Year One re-pops.  New Tires, brakes, ( all 4 wheel cylinders), Dual Exhaust system.  Engine compartment needs to be detailed by the next owner. However the little factory hood light that comes on when you open the hood works properly.  Rear Bumper has been replaced with a new chrome one., I Interior. New Carpet and headliner installed. Other wise interior is in nice overall condition. A new rear package tray has been installed.  Car has New: Transmission, Paint, tires, Exhaust, brakes, carpet, door window and trunk seals.

'71 Hemi Cuda Convertible


1970 Barracuda cloned as a 71 Hemi Cuda. Motor is 1966, Rubber bumpers, shaker set up and a power top. Most everything new. Car has Hemi Billboards. Dual carbs( Carter AFB ) 8.75 Rear end 3:55. Auto Trans w/ Pistol Grip Shifter, rimblow wheels. Very fun to drive. No muscle car in the world turns more heads that a '71 Hemi Cuda Convertible.

'69 Road Runner Convert

$44,900.00 (Sold)

Investment grade Mopar. Fresh Rebuilt NUMBERS MATCHING 383, Rebuilt in January 2006. Standard rebuild with all new components, pistons, bearings etc. Also converted car to electronic ignition. The entire engine bay was sanded and repainted while the motor was out. a very nice match. Rare Q 5 Turquoise

Front disk brakes. Factory cruise control( NOT WORKING). 8 3/4 POSI.. Auto on column. Original Power steering pump with cooler is still present. Car runs and drives great, newer power top works great and is in excellent condition. Fender Tag listed at bottom of page. Car has been repainted years ago and has had a new trunk floor installed. Paint is starting to show age however still shows very well as a high quality driver. 1/4's are original. Torque boxes appear to have been replaced or repaired. Underside of car is solid and was undercoated years ago. Tires are like New. Recent repairs include: New Gas Tank, Clutch Fan, Wipers, Rear Brakes. All Fluids. recore original radiator, New master cylinder. Aftermarket oil, temp, volt gauges. Even at 90 MPH the car rides great!!! I have also added the dual black pin strip on the side of the car which the fender tag calls for. Very nice driving car. Very rare. Found in a trailer park storage shed. When found-orig 383 was disassembled in the truck. car had a 440 in it.  

'69 Dodge Dart GTS 340 4 speed T5 Bronze

Price $30,000.00 (SOLD)

1969 Dodge Dart GTS 340 4 spd with the N85 tach/Console Option. Fender Tag present 1970 340 Motor bored .30 over with 4 spd Trans. 3:55 Sure grip • Complete Restoration in 2007 • rebuilt 340 4 speed • N85 tach/Console Option • Fender Tag present • 3:55 Sure-grip • Converted to power steering-Front suspension completely rebuilt. • New White interior including headliner, black carpet, window felt & whiskers, restored gauge cluster & woodgrain restored sport wheel • All stainless professionally polished, Show Chrome bumpers • New windshield, Resorted grille.& Tail panel • New carb and electronic ignition, and restoration correct battery. • 1970 Date code 340 .30 over, new water pump, oil pump etc. Correct 340 Exhaust Manifolds • New Dual exhaust, brakes, brake lines, fuel lines, fuel tank and sending unit. • New clutch, rear axel bearings

• Car was a very solid foundation for a restoration on a VERY RARE optioned GTS. I have read that less than 750 of all GTS Darts in 1969 came with the N85 console tach option. Note the Hurst spaghetti shifter • Car runs out VERY strong. Repainted to Original color T5 copper metallic. Car was a very solid foundation for a restoration on a VERY RARE optioned GTS. I have read that less than 750 of all GTS Darts in 1969 came with the N85 console tach option. Note the Hurst spaghetti shifter Fender Tag R11 V88 END A01 C16 C55 M21 M25 N85 T5 T5 P6X X9 B04 119772 E55 D21 Ls23 P9B .

1960 Studebaker Lark VIII Convertible


V8 Manual, Power steering, Power Top that works. Restored 10 yrs ago.. Pics Speak for themselves as to the condition of this car. Power Top that works, Show Chrome Bumpers. Nice New interior. vehicle is part of an estate liquidation. Car runs and drives however tires are questionable and have some cracking. Car has not been driven on a regular basis and has been in storage for several years.There are 3 deep scratches in the windshield from the left wiper arm being run with no rubber blade. Paint has just a few chips that I can find. car is very straight. All Stainless and Chrome was removed and polished during restoration and is in Excellent condition.

New fuel pump installed, gas tank leak was repaired and tank was flushed.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T


Found in a field with little or no interior and no drive train. Restored by Jake. 440,. Auto. Sold

Jake's General Lee

Jake’s General Lee

Here is the story of my General. The car the started it all. This was my first car when I was 16 yrs old, I bought it for $300 out of a field. It was brown with Green indoor/outdoor fake grass patio carpeting and full of bondo. ( The car was originally triple green from the factory). After I had owned it for three months and stuck a ton of cash into it I sold it. ( Funny how history repeats itself) Then 12 yrs later I tracked it down through 4 different owners in a 5 hour period ( all in one day.) By the end of the day the car was home with me again. There were still receipts in the glove box from the auto parts store where I bought parts for it as a kid. When you talk about heritage this car has it for me. Everyone that is doing work on it I have known for a long time. For example, The engine was professionally built by a good friend of my family, I remember going to his shop as a kid and watching he and my brother fix up cars and build race engines etc. The guy who did the body work was my Tee-Ball coach. The guy who re-upholstered my seats, I used to work for and have know for about 15 yrs.
This car was built to never be sold. It was also built to be driven and I have driven it HARD. This car is tough and very strong. It just wants to run wild. This is no trailer queen. I let kids and very hot chics sit on the door with their feet on the seat to have their picture taken. When all polished up it shines like a Georgia sunrise. I have done exhibitions at local dirt tracks, pavement circle tracks and countless parades and promotions. There is nothing like 6000 people standing on their seats screaming their heads off when the General takes the field sliding sideways, smokin' the tires and tormenting the local cops who purposefully chase you hoping you run. It is a blast to drive.


383 and 727 Trans rebuilt. 3:55 Posi. Electronic Ignition with Holley 650 Carb. New distributor, radiator, and high output alternator to compensate for sound system's electrical draw. Most mechanical parts have been rebuilt or replaced. Disc Brake Booster and Master Cylinder. Font Supsension recieved new bushing Kit including new sway bar. Tires and wheels are 15". Car has Dual Exhaust with Glass Pacs. Car has the TV show sound, loud and mean!. Dual Rad Fans for extra cooling for parades etc. All after market Gauges to monitor Heat, Oil Pressure and Voltage. New Fuel lines, Gas tank, sending unit. Dixie Horn. Dash gauge cluster was professional restored and calibrated.
Sound System: All I pretty much did here was write out a huge check to have a Thumpin sound system put in. It is Super loud and my teeth vibrate when I play Motley Crue- Wild Side. There are speakers under the Dash in the rear dash pannel and huge subs and an amp in the trunk. ITs a Pioneer with remote CD player.

1966 Corvette Roadster. 427 4 spd.


1966 Corvette Roadster. 427 4 spd. 54,703 miles In Storage since 1982. Car was originally Nassau Blue with blue int. There are two tops but not a two top car. Big block car but a '67 427 ( motor is in the car now.) Car was painted in the early 80's. The interior and new top were also installed at that time. Frame is solid.The car has been made very road worthy with the following updates and repairs: Tires, Brakes( Master, calipers and pads), Gas tank and sending unit. Points. Battery, Carb rebuild, Lube Job, New rear shocks, All gauges and lights work, Power headlight doors work. Horn Button and shift Knob on order. Extra red Hardtop and mounting kit is included. Most emblems are new. This is a great driver.

 The Odometer reading on the title dated 12/09/1980 Reads 54,000 miles This car has had only 700 miles put on it in the last 24 years.  194676S109183 Block Cast # 3904351 Hiper Front Pad 11214LH  Tag info: Style 66 467 A-2910 Trim 418 976 Paint Imagine walking into a warehouse and uncovering a 1966 red Corvette 427 big block 4 spd. Car was in storage there for over 20 years. I was the first person to uncover the car since 1979. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This was part of the Turkey Barn cars found near Elk River, MN in 2004

1971 Dodge Charger R/T


13,000 original miles. 2 Broadcast sheets, 2 fender tags, (see below) ,power windows front and rear, aftermarket power antenna, headlamp washers, gator top.  Air Grabber car . Original radio and the tape deck with microphone is gone. car has one repaint. Original tire marking on the underside of the deck lid. Have original window sticker which says "Y17 Corporate Lease car System" ( see below) Originally the car came from California owned by a guy called "Big Al"( he had personalized plates on it and was a Chrysler Rep?) Then the car went to TN to his relative in the 80's then to MN. Car should have 14' Rally's on it and I think white int. waiting for Galen to decode the thing and solve the mystery. After driving this car I now understand why the sixpack cars are in a price bracket of their own, WOW this is one scary ride. There are R/T emblems in the trunk and I believe the SE emblem on the vinyl top is incorrect. The car runs and drives great. rust bubbling under vinyl top moulding. Vinyl top appears to be stained under back window, may be able to be bleached. 
Non numbers matching '71 Motor, date correct for the car.
motor is 70 cast with a 71 VIN with 71 Heads. 1G103125

The air grabber venting was added from another car recently. It is not original to this car. 
Galen's decode of the build sheet and fender tag are available upon request they are adobe files.

WS23V1A136929 Vin 03113 141072 413 042 
G11 P31 
2G L37
V1W U C16
GB2 D6 XW TX9 B30 081604
E87 D32 Ws23 V 1A 136929

1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute


A fun Tribute build to the 1970 Plymouth Superbird- Started with a '70 Plymouth Road Runner

Drive train: 1970 date code correct 440 ( rebuilt ) 6 pack carbs ( rebuilt, tested and replated by Promax) 4 spd trans( rebuilt ) , New 3:55 sure-grip, green axel bearings. Power Disc Brake conversion. TTI exhaust. Shocks, 26" Radiator, Mopar correct battery, Polyglass goodyear tires and new rims with new centercaps and trim rings. Body: Fiberglass Superbird conversion kit. Including rear window plug. B-5 Blue, base clear everything. Rechromed rear bumper, New inner fender splash sheilds, new windsheild, new vinyl top. Extensive body restoration. Trunk floor, 1/4 etc. New seam sealer throughout. ( see pics Below ) Interior: New Superbird Headliner. New carpet, dash pad, door panels, seat upholstery and carpet. Wiring harness. Nose Cone: Fiberglass with metal headlight buckets and metal pivot shafts. Lower spoiler is metal. Headlights themselves still needs to be installed along with the electric motor. Have all the parts. The turn signals are correct for a Superbird and function properly. Progress time line below.:

March 1, 2005 Interior almost done. cam is broke in. Moves under its own power. Vinyl Top is on and rear decals. January 30, 2005 It's alive! Engine fired for the first time. Pics as of October 17, 2004 Pics Updates August 26, 2004 Superbird From a 1970 Road Runner to a Superbird. Done once, then taken apart and done again. Underside, interior and suspension are all painted base clear. Restoration extremes include base clear drive shaft, K -Frame, Trans, smooth wheelhouses, painted dash and upper door panels. All new seam sealer throughout. Outside needs paint and assembly, most body work done.-June 8, 2004