General Lee Decals 

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Kits are produced with automotive vinyl and are easy to apply. This is the kit most everyone gets who builds a General Lee. I have been selling these kits longer than anyone. I have built 4 General Lees and a Roscoe car. John Schneider (Bo Duke) has used my decals on his car/s.

These are replicated from the actual General Lee car, the ’69 Dodge Charger, from the TV series – Dukes of Hazzard.

Confederate Roof Flag (rebel flag) 

“01’s” for the doors (In Stock)

Cross bars for the back filler panel and, (In Stock) 

the General Lee text for the roof (in Stock)

John Schneider (Bo Duke) himself uses my decals. I was told, and I quote, “Take a great deal of pride in having a set of your decals on John Schneider’s personal Hemi Powered General Lee. Once again, I extend our thanks for your cooperation with this project.” –Hotchkis Performance http://www.hotchkis.netJohn Schneider’s Hemi General Lee.

Anyhow, the decals are made on self adhesive vinyl. The space between the “0” and the “1” are pre-spaced so there are no ridges or overlays. Each decal is one piece. You gettin’ this?!?
The most important thing here is that there are no seams and NO OVERLAYS! You see, if someone sells you an “overlay” you get a white “01” and a black “01”. You are expected to put the black over the white in order to achieve the small white boarder. Don’t buy that. I bought a set like that once and it was a nightmare to apply (and I’m pretty good with decals). Imagine trying to do it with the General Lee words on the roof! That is why I had these made for those of us who want a nice looking finished product. We all spend thousands on paint etc. restoring our cars to be Generals, I wanted the decals on my cars to look great; not just as I am flying by, but I wanted the General Lee decals to look great close up too.

*Note: When applying, you can apply dry or use a light dusting of water. Spray the back of the decal. Go get yourself a black “credit card style” hard rubber 3M squeegee and work your way out from the center of each piece. The decals have extremely tiny micro holes so the air or water will breathe out as you flatten with your squeegee.