Indy Pace Truck Decals

1979 Ford Indianapolis 500 Pace Truck decal Kit

This is a reproduction complete decal kit made from high performing automotive vinyl for your 1979 F series Indianapolis 500 Pace Truck. A 99% perfect match. Decals come in a kit. This is the only correct ’79 Indy Pace truck decal kit reproduced. Visit the ‘Store’ at the top of the page to order.  The kits are $699 plus shipping. 


Note: When applying, you can apply dry or use a light dusting of water. Spray the back of the decal. Go get yourself a black “credit card style” hard rubber 3M squeegee and work your way out from the center of each piece. The decals have extremely tiny micro holes so the air or water will breathe out as you flatten with your squeegee. 


Below are pics or a few low mile 1979 Indy 500 Mustangs I have had over the years.