Shelby Rampage

1982-84 Shelby Turbo Rampage TII

A concept by Shelby in the early ’80’s. Code Name Streetfighter

New Paint-base clear with decals.
Custom Ground Effects.
Shelby Etched back glass
New head gasket, Struts, Front end bushings, Brakes, alignment etc. 
5 spd trans works great and it is a blast to drive. 
All glass removed and car was painted, New window belt mouldings,. 
The Custom Fiberglass bed cap is one of a kind.
This car was built to never be sold. 
In addition a newly painted black and silver color matched topper is included. Professional restored wheels and New tires with 200 miles on them.
Turbo works great. Car is very snappy. 
This is a conversion. The front of a Turbo Charger to the back of a rampage. Very slick. . Mechanically in very good condition. Fuel System is set for high pressure needs of Turbo. First time offered.

The FRONT half of a turbo Charger mated to the BACK half of a rampage. If you have ever tried to turbo a non-turbo car it is a ton of work. the wiring and body plugs/popouts are very different not to mention the turbo stuff. It made more sense in this case since we were going for a turbo Rampage to just start with a turbo Charger and mate it to the back of a rampage across the floor. In a sense it was like building a street rod. Nonetheless it was a MAJOR undertaking with thousands of hours. This is not some backyard highschool Bevis and Butthead project. The paint is show quality with two blemishes.

To re-clarify this was a major project… The car is titled as a Dodge Charger. A turbo Dodge Charger was used… 5 lug front end and back end. Done right and done very strong. Again titled as a Dodge Charger. No this is not one of the Shelby built cars. This one was made to look and act just like one of the street fighter cars. 

Notes from the Build.

Trans Conversion:

Tranny a555 Getrag from 87 Shelby Z 3.85 FD ratio. Shifter is two plane cable shifter from 87 Shelby Z. Had to be modified to fit in shifter console.

LH axle is left hand axle 88-90 Omni automatic.

RH axle uses a555 output shaft mated to L body jack shaft. Stock Shelby charger axle then fits into this. New non-hollow u-joint installed.

TII Conversion:    Intake is 2 piece from 87 Shelby Z. This manifold only came on Chrysler TII cars from 87 only (Shelby Z) also came on all Shelby #’ed cars. Intake has been port matched (halves) and ported and throttle body opened up to 52mm for future upgrades. Fuel injectors are 33lb injectors from 87 Shelby Z. cleaned, rebuilt, flow balanced by Mr. Injector. 87 TII exhaust manifold fully ported and port matched to turbo. Eastwood coating applied.

Turbo is 87 TII T3 with .48 housing and slip on compressor cover. Has 4 piece carbon bearing with full USA made rebuild kit on it. Appearance coated. Turbo journal bearings are standard OD and ID. Swingvalve is 2.25″.

Air cleaner box and lower intercooler hose is from 87 Shelby Z.

BOV and pipe is from first gen DSM vehicles. (Eclipse, Talon, Laser, from 1990). Grafted into trimmed lower intercooler hose from Shelby Z. BOV filter K&N # RC-2540

Logic module is stock 87 Shelby Z module with external 2 bar map (017). Wiring has been updated to 87 Shelby Z specs.

Fuel pump filter is standard 85 Shelby Charger

Radiator is 87-89 Shelby Z TII or Lebaron TII. Modified with L-body heater 5/8″ tube and mounting tab on bottom to fit l-body. Other mods to fit into l-body. Radiator mounting brackets are GLHS brackets to fit in l-body.

Intercooler is 86-87 GLHS omni (angle on outlet). Intercooler brackets are 86-87 GLHS Omni. (modified by Shelby from G/H body). Lower radiator hose is spliced together from GLHT/Shelby charger and Daytona Shelby Z. Upper radiator hose is trimmed 87 Shelby Z TII. Trimmed an inch or so off of both sides.

Non AC bracket any 84-94 2.2/2.5

Alternator is 90 amp Chrysler corporate alternator. Nippendenso or Bosch also fits. Nippendenso is most compact. If this one fails go with a ND. 85-88 lower alternator bracket for larger alternators. This fits all larger alternators. Negative & alternator sub harness is 85 full size turbo harness. Uses different end for larger alternators. Positive (starter harness) is modified 85 Shelby charger made to fit a555 tranny.

Speedo gear is white gear for size 205 tires. 22-23 tall tires.

Parking brake cables are stock Rampage. Had to modify slightly to work with larger 220 mm rear Shelby charger brakes that are on car.

88-90 Omni automatic LH axle is left hand axle.

RH axle uses a555 output shaft mated to L body jack shaft. Stock Shelby charger axle then fits into this. New non-hollow u-joint installed.

Radiator fan is aftermarket 16-16.5″

Sold to a guy in Florida

Build Cost in 2008 : $15,500